It’s the story of two frenchy dreamers, a little crazy leaving for an in-depth journey around the US. Once arrived in California, it’s a revelation! With its creative energy, cool lifestyle and above all, it’s sun-kissed climate, the Golden State electrifies them. From Los Angeles to San Francisco, everything is possible: the Self Made Man isn’t a myth but a reality.

So obviously, when coming back home, their only desire: inject this amazing energy in a project of their own and perhaps live from it.  They create their own business and like many entrepreneurs, take the plunge willing to propose something new. It will be a clothing brand, but without the bling side of fashion or the conservative side of luxury.

What they’re looking for is daytime clothing, an urban style with a sportswear sophistication in fits and finishes. Motion, colour, boldness, that or nothing!

All that remained was to find a name… They go over all the people that inspire them: artists, athletes… Until they find the one: Paul Newman. Handsome man, great actor, athlete, a decent and honest guy as well as romantic, of course, who always knew how to reinvent and (re)define the outlines of the modern man.

New Man it is. The French start-up launch a revolution in the men’s ready-to-wear collections thanks to its colours, perfect fits and fine details and finishing. Women love it and come aboard, adding up a touch of casual glamour with the inauguration of a women’s line. Success was just around the corner, this is the start of a crazy international adventure.

That was 1967. Before the student revolution. Before the digital revolution. Before all young graduates of business schools left their cozy senior positions in international listed companies, to fly on their own. Create their start-up, become their own boss and set their rules…like New Man, simply.

The new Spring – Summer collection will be launch in March 2018.

If you want to feel like a brand New Man,

#JoinTheSquad !

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